The Antico Borgo in Città was described in 1572 by Milan's archbishop Charles Borromeo as a turreted fortalice surrounded by willow trees. At that time it was inhabited by various families and was a characteristic rural Lombard village. In 1600, it was owned by the Saint Peter's monastery in Gessate.

The location of this ancient structure in the splendid backdrop of Forlanini Park – a charming typical village from the 1500s, which has survived the expansion of the city – makes one feel like he or she is in the countryside in Milan. Its convenient proximity to Linate Airport allows for meetings to be planned close to one of the most important transportation hubs in the city and offers the utmost in comfort and privacy.


The Antico Borgo in Città, a rustic little village outside Milan, is participating in the project having to do with the requalification of 100 Lombard farmhouses, which was begun to satisfy the need for quality hospitality solutions in the long-term during and after Expo 2015.


Our prestigious location, qualified staff and excellent facilities are at your service. Our objective is to make the Antico Borgo in Città a go-to location for the world of events in Milan.


Admire the Antico Borgo in Città location in various situations and decorated for different events.


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